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they steer me towards forgiveness 

say it’s the more enlightened path

but I’ve no interest to travel there

when I’m still in bed with wrath.

injustice is a feeling

which poisons and tenses the blood

and ages the soul

it is not natural

and so the body rejects it

Advising women how best not to be killed/harmed (i.e which domains they can inhabit and when and how and with whom) constitutes a largely neoliberal response to sexual violence.

When the Women Speak

When the Women speak,

my muscles relax,

my perennially pounding heart slows to a steady rhythm,

and the blood coursing through my veins relinquishes its usual tension. 

When the Women speak,

my face softens,

my unconsciously clenched jaw unclenches,

and my whole being grows a little lighter.

When the Women speak, 

tears born from my spirit flow to my eyes, 

my heart applauds,

and my lips curl into a smile of resonation.

they speak a language I can understand:

one of humanity, 


and integrity.

When the Women speak,

words arrive intentionally, critically, and thoughtfully;

intellectual prowess interweaves harmoniously with moral currents which prioritize humankind above all else; 

and criticisms aimed at rampant corruption and violence flow freely, with enough bite to land, but also enough civility to stay the course.

When the Women speak,

I feel right at home, 

think, ‘the good world may be realized yet.’

they are my heroes,

my idols,

my inspirations; 

they are my friends, classmates, professors, and kin.

they are my favorite thinkers, writers, politicians, organizers, musicians, and poets.

they are me.

When the Women speak, 

the Divine Feminine and I sigh with relief;  

Women are our beacons of light in an increasingly dark world,

for, where there is The Feminine, there is hope.  


I took in all the information

All the facts of the case

listened to the trials

saw the look on her face

I quietly decided 

that she didn’t bother me

Quietly thought 

how she should still be free

7 of them

Point blank